Hey everybody! As I promised you, this topic is kosher food in Shanghai, where I live in China.

I’ll start with the stores and supermarkets. Most supermarkets here have kosher food, but you still have to be careful.

This is why:  there is one supermarket here that sells non-dairy Kosher ice cream / popsicles. Once I saw a chocolate Ice cream that said OU Pareve. I told my tutor (whom I was going shopping with) to get it, cuz I had never tasted it before and now finally it’s Pareve! When we got back from shopping my mother looked at the ingredients and guess what: one of the ingredients was… (drumroll) .. MILK! Of course we sent an email to the company.

WHOAH I’ve gotten waaaayy off track! The supermarket and stuff have like cereals, Granola bars, pickles etc.

Markets have only fruit and vegetables; they also have (live) fish and turtles and chicken etc., but yeah!

So how do we make challah and kosher food?

We get challah and bread from a Jewish-owned bakery – here in China! Somebody in our community owns a bakery so they make a “Kosher run” every so often and ta-da! We have Challah!

You could also make Challah and bread by yourselves (thanks to online stores in china) but you think our staff in the kitchen are not busy enough making 3 meals for 100 people each? LOL!

Kosher food – Guess what! We have a cafe and we serve kosher meals! It’s like a restaurant!  We have a kitchen with staff and everything.

So do people have to come to us every time they want to eat or drink something? Nope! We have a Minimarket in two locations so people can buy frozen meat / chicken / fish etc., but they also make their own food, again thanks to online stores!

That’s all for now. Maybe in my next post I’ll put a picture of our cafe, and also maybe a pic of  our Shabbos tables!