Hi everyone,
I just came back from being a counselor at the Kinus Hashluchos in Crown Heights. Most awesome three days of my entire life.
I stayed at the home of Devorah Leah (whom I didn’t get to say goodbye to- bye, Devorah Leah) and Rivka Stone. I didn’t know them before I got there, I was staying there with a friend of theirs who’s in my class, but it turns out they’re Yaldah fans and the first thing I got asked was, “are you the girl from Yaldah?”
I love being famous.
During the Kinus I stayed in the Beis Rivkah building and lived on cupcakes and challah and peach Snapple. A bunch of people in my class were counselors as well as some of my friends from camp, and a couple of people whom I didn’t know before Kinus. All the counselors slept in a classroom upstairs (hurrah!), which was good. My bunk was awesome, but their room was kind of claustrophobic. We got about three hours of sleep a night, we were all so overtired… The last night of Kinus, at banquet, I spent two hours getting people to sign my sweatshirt with what I thought was a permanent marker. It was a whiteboard marker. I felt really dumb…
I said hi to a bunch of people from Yaldah whom I haven’t seen for a really long time. Two, actually, not a bunch. Shterny and Chava, it was awesome. I looked for Chaya Wolff, who’s on the EB, for about an hour, but I couldn’t find her. Oh well. Next time, Chaya.
I was going to post this on Frayde Trachtman’s ipod. But I’m not very good at typing on an itouch.
Spring issue’s awesome, guys. The cover is stunning. Can’t wait to get it…