CAM00264Do you ever wonder how to keep all your sewing supplies neat in some thing? Well, then you should get a sewing box. Sewing Boxes come small, medium and large . A small box keeps a few thing together, like bobbins and needles. But  if you have more, not enough for a large box, then get  a medium sewing box, because it is big enough for  when you have too much sewing tools for the small box. This is especially good when you want to take a little bit of hand sewing somewhere. Last, the large sewing box is just perfect if you have a lot sewing tools/ items. It is best for a lot of what you might use at home. It fits thread, needles, scissors, elastic, measuring tape, and the list goes on and on. If you aren’t sure, I suggest a large box, but did you know you can even make your own?! There are many different colors, shapes and patterns. Now, next time you go to a sewing store for sewing  products, go take a look at the sewing boxes.CAM00259