sb1 sb2  For all women and girls  starting to sew and wondering what you need, follow the list below so you can  start sewing with the right supplies.

For a good sewing experience you’ll need:

a pin cushion ballpoint pins (usually I get the colorful ones because they’re easier to see, but its up to you )

scissors 2 pair ,

a large pair for cutting fabric and a small pair cutting  thread

2 packages of sewing machine 1 package of ball point and 1 package of universal needles sizes 10- 16 ( sizes 12 and 14  are most commonly used) and a package of hand needles assorted sizes.

 to hold these tools you’ll need a sewing box.


The last thing you’ll need a cutting board.

sb3Now if you follow this list when you’re at your local sewing store you will have an incredible sewing experience.

                    ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!! :-)sb4