I’m just one little candle in a big world

Of what difference am I?

One day I was put on a candlestick and I wanted to cry.

All I do is burn, as I fade away;

To the young girl in front of me I finally did say:

“What are you doing to me,

Are you lighting me so I’ll melt down?

I’ve always wanted to know the reason,” and then ended with a frown.

As I stood that evening, when I was almost done,

Her words played in my head — I remember every one:

“As I kindle you tonight, a mitzvah you help me do

For as I kindle you tonight, a blessing I say on you.

You help welcome Shabbos in with your flame so bright,

This Friday night you got the chance to share with the world your light.

And though you are small, you make the biggest difference of all.

Because this world is so dark, we need your special spark

And if every week all the girls in my class would light one of your friends

Moshiach would come, for this darkness would end!”


— Mushka Heidingsfeld, Age 12
Simcha Monica
California, USA