“Ding dong”, the doorbell rang.  “I have a package for Rachel”, said the UPS man.  Rachel opened the door and the UPS man handed her the package and leaves.
“From Aunt Clara?” Rachel thought “What she can be sending me?”  Rachel carefully open the package and takes out two candlesticks.  “Candlesticks?!” she wondered.  “What do I need these for?”  Then she saw a letter.
Dear Rachel,
After your grandmother died I decided to clean up the attic.  While I was cleaning it up I found these candlesticks that might interest you.  I think that they have something to do with the Jewish Sabbath of some sort.  I know you like puzzles.  Try and figure this one out–  tell me everything though.
Love, Aunt Clara
“I think the first step,” thought Rachel, “is to talk to Mom.”  She ran upstairs and knocked on her door.
“Come in,” came a voice from inside.
“Mom look!”  She held up the candlesticks.  Suddenly her mother became pale and fell to the floor.  “Mom are you okay?” Rachel asked.
“I am fine,” she said.  “Get me some water.”  A few second later Rachel came back with a cup of water.  “Thanks,” she said.
“What happened?” Rachel asked.
“Right before your grandmother passed away,” her mother started, “she called me into her room and told me three words.  “You are Jewish.”  Before I could ask her anything her soul went to heaven.  I didn’t really understand what she said and decided to ignore it.  But when you showed me these candlesticks I remembered she lit them once after her parents died, but now that you have these, we have to start and fulfill what my mother wanted me to do.”
That Friday night there was more light in the world.  Just this small light lit up so much of this world and it continued forever and ever.  Just because of one flame.
—  Chana Jacobs, Age 12
Yeshiva Schools of Pittsburgh
Pennsylvania, USA