Hey guys!
Sorry this post is coming to you so late at night. That’s what happens when you say that you’re going to take a nap for “just 15 minutes.” Tonight’s short idea came from the same teacher who said the one I used on the first night.She made us chocolate mousse today. I like that class!
What makes Chanuka different from all the other holidays? On all the holidays we had an enemy and through nissim we defeated that enemy. So what makes Chanuka special?
During all the other holidays it was a sit back, relax, and enjoy the show kind of thing. Hashem did all the miracles, and we watched and celebrated. On Chanuka we went to war. We put in effort and fought. On Chanuka we put in a little bit of effort, we tried just an ounce, and Hashem took us all the way. From Chanuka we learn how far a little goes. A little bit of effort won us the war. A little jug of oil lasted for 8 days. Sometimes we feel like we’re a nobody- to small to make any sort of difference anywhere. All we have to do though is put in that little bit of effort- Hashem will do the rest.
Happy Chanuka x3!
What was a time where you put in a bit of effort and saw great results?