Purim celebrates the salvation of the Jewish people

One hundred and twenty-seven provinces as big as a steeple

There stood a king upon his high throne

Like a perplexed man, on his golden chair that was hard as a stone    

He made a big feast for his ministers and servants

Who stood on guard doing their roles of service

There was Queen Vashti making her own feast with all the women by her side

The king asked her to come out and show off her beauty and pride  

Vashti refused to appear to an audience, “Surely you gotta to be kidding me to reveal myself to this crowd  

I will not! Tell the king uh-uh, no way, not gonna happen today”

The king was furious and as red as fire

“Take her, take away, take her away

Be gone now she is, be gone for she will be, be gone forever in eternity”

When the king awoke he realized Vashti was gone and farewell  

Becoming lonely like a pail alone in its well

The king set up a beauty contest in the palace

Girls from far and wide auditioned to be the king’s new bride

One girl the king liked, who was kindhearted with a spirited mind

Her name was Esther, who stood strong like the most precious woman you can find

Swept away to the palace to become queen

Even though it wasn’t her choice, because she had been spotted and seen

Leaving her Uncle Mordechai thinking he would never see her again

He found a way to reach her through slithering in and dropping off goods that were sent

Haman tried to make everyone bow down

Mordechai stood up and frowned

He said “I only bow down to Hashem, the one and only Creator”

And continued to walk away from Haman, as if he was a traitor

So Haman set this decree to destroy all the Jews

Which put everyone including Mordechai into grief and the blues

When  Esther heard this she ran to tell the king she’d throw a party

And invite Haman to the fun feast

When Esther tried to tell the king she was hesitant to mention it

In front of Haman, that mean beast

She ordered to schedule another feast and finally got up on her feet

She was firm and said “Haman wants to kill me and my people”

When the king heard this he was in shock like a sharp needle

This made him angry right away

“Haman will be hung on a gallows now today”

So Haman was hung way up high on a gallows that could almost touch the sky

The decree was broken, and everyone was relieved with a big sigh

Everyone is safe again, and Shushan can continue living their lives

Mordechai left the king’s presence wearing a royal garment of blue and white,

A large golden crown, and a shawl of fine linen and purple wool

And the city of Shushan celebrated and rejoiced    

Celebrating the victory, we were saved and all was well, with feelings of happiness, cheer and joy!