Composed and sung by Mrs. Racheli Jacks from Australia

Discover each of your talents
Strength, resilience
Respect and patience
Igniting and nurturing your essence
Thoughtful acceptance

Miracles for you to uncover
A world awaits you,
There’s joy and wonder
Within you is the power
Of helping another

Inspired, reaching new heights
Here, at Jewish Girls Unite!
Lots of interesting girls, all over the world
Spreading friendship, warmth and light
Singing, drawing, writing, acting, in front of girls who care
I’m so excited to grow, to learn and to know
All of the Mitzvot that we share.

Chorus (2x):
Together – connecting as one
Together – we welcome everyone
Link by link – Moshiach will soon come
JGU – achieving a ton

Unlocking the hidden treasures
The gems of our past
Women modestly
Throughout history
Bravely molded our ancestry
And as I grow
I’ll pass on what I know
And I’ll help my friends grow too
A purpose so true
For me to do
Enhancing my life as a proud Jew

(After 2nd time of the chorus, add as a last line)… JGU – united as one!