On Thursday night, November 2/Cheshvan 14, in Mirror Reflections for Teens, we were joined by our wonderful JGU girl Avigail E.  That night, we focused on the importance of asking for help, to join together with others for a cause, since we alone, as humans, cannot do everything on our own.  It takes a touch of humility, a certain element of bitachon (trust in Hashem), that all will ultimately turn out well, and of course… positivity, even in the face of hardship.  The following is a personal reflection of Avigail’s, drawing on her inspiration from the workshop that night, and already applying it to her life.  Welcome to the first of JGU’s series of impact stories!  These personal meditations, applications, and narratives from participants, students, and readers, really fortify and demonstrate what JGU is all about, and what we strive to transmit to every Jewish woman and girl.  Enjoy!


“When I’ve gone on before, it was interesting, but I really liked this one. I was so attentive…

“I guess I liked it so much because I was really upset today.  I was putting up a billboard at school. Three other people were supposed to help, and did not show up. When they did, they began being very disrespectful, and didn’t want to help put it up.  In the moment, I wrote an angry letter to myself, and then asked myself ‘Why am I angry?’ Just why.

 “So when Susan was talking about staying positive, and don’t be afraid to ask for help, and using positivity as a tool, I looked at it in a different way.  I enjoy doing it; why should I be angry while doing something I like?

 “I was so happy to attend the class.

“Today I had basically no homework! Instead I got to experience and learn something very useful.

 “I like the tradeoff…

“I did not ask for help while writing college essays.  Why??  Why wouldn’t I ask for help, for something that will change my entire future???

 “I didn’t want anybody to read my writing, and reject it as bad.

“I didn’t want other people to say no to helping.  I was afraid they wouldn’t be able to help me…

“Regardless of how confident you are, it can be difficult sometimes!  I think Nechama’s description of asking for help with her Pesach Seder, asking for help when she may have been embarrassed to do so, does take bravery!”

By Avigail E.