Today we had an amazing time in Troy, NY. Our day started with our usual daily activities. After lunch we boarded buses and went bowling at Uncle Sam’s. Uncle Sam’s staff were so helpful and we even got to bring in our own music!  All the girls had fun and were great bowlers.  After bowling the camp split into 2 groups. The first group headed down to the waterfront to have a delicious picnic dinner. Down at the river there was a splash pad that helped cool us off.  The second group went to Tech Valley Center of Gravity. At Tech valley the girls took a tour and could make a motorized robot that draws with markers, a light up card, or an LED light. Two really cool things were the old fashioned loom and the rooms that people can make furniture in. We watched a woman named Heather weave a linen belt from scratch! After an hour the groups switched.

We returned to camp about 8:30 when the teens made Challah and the younger girls went to Walmart. (We’re on ‘camp time’ which means that time at camp is one hour earlier than time in the real world!) We went to bed and fell asleep thinking about how fun our day was. Thank you to everyone who helped organized our fun trip and the fantastic volunteers and leaders at Tech Valley COG for teaching us so many great things!

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