Day 4 and JGR just keeps getting better and better! First was breakfast and davening. Then campers went to there fabulous arts clubs.  Everyone got to choose between amazing projects like weaving, jewelry making and cake decorating!  Art Clubs never seen quite long enough- so thankfully there are 3 sessions a week where campers can complete their wonderful projects! After Arts Clubs we gathered in the theater to sing and dance to the camp theme song. FUN!

We then had our first all-important fire drill.  Safety is a big concern at camp and the staff and counselors work hard to make sure everyone stays safe and has a great summer.  Everyone did a fantastic job of getting to the meeting place in  under 4 1/2 minutes.  Most of the campers were out in less than 2!   The air horn was really loud, so we all heard it and knew what to do.

We have a camp production to produce so campers grabbed a snack and headed to Performing Arts to learn more about this year’s show.  After lunch we had swimming and sports.  This was a particularly important swimming day because we had a special life guard there who was able to test the girls for deep water swimming.  Our pool is fun whether you’re in the deep or shallow end, but the girls were able to be tested so that they could swim wherever they want!  Following was grow and mincha, when head staff anounced tzvious hashem.  After was tune in time and dinner which was falafel, pita, hummus.

The Bat Mitzvah Club (BMC) got to go to a live JGU class, Beyond Bat Mitzvah. The teens later went on to Mirror Reflections. Another fantastic JGR day!

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