Written by Sarah Salles, Counselor-in-Training

Our first field trip day!  After a full morning of swimming, sports and performing arts (during which the girls watched old camp videos and played fun games) We split into two groups- the teens and everyone else!  The teens went off for a gorgeous hike in the woods. Everyone else headed to a ‘pick your own veggies’ farm.  We picked zucchini, squash, cauliflower, radishes, and more. Some girls were experienced pickers, others caught on fast and we ended up with heaps of yummy vegetables!

We returned to camp, cleaned our rooms and davened mincha, before enjoying a fantastic dinner of chicken and rice, it was tune in time.  Our wonderful day finished with a Grow workshop and a talent show!   Our day ended with fun and laughter, love and a true sense of family as the girls shared their incredible talents and let their inner light shine!