Summary by Sarah Sahles, Staff In Training

Sleep away camp can be overwhelming but at JGR everyone was friendly. Before camp,  the staff was working hard to get everything ready. When the campers arrived they first found out there bunks and went to drop off there luggage. They then went into the cafeteria for registration, lice checks and meeting a counselor. Once the campers were finished they did a lot of fun activities , like rice krispies, name tags, favorite quotes, theme banner, and room signs. After everyone arrived, the head counselors welcomed everyone and introduced the theme, as well as everyone meeting there full bunks. All the bunks went outside to make a cheer and then the head staff led a GROW workshop. The whole camp davened mincha and went to dinner. After dinner, Mrs. Nechama  Laber, our wonderful camp director, let all the campers and staff introduce themselves, and went over the rules so we can have a safe and fun summer.  Campers  chose their art clubs too. After a first day of excitement, everyone unpacked and went to bed while teens had a fun night activity.

We are looking forward to an amazing summer of fun and growth!

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