A poem written in memory of Rebbetzin Rivkah and Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg, shluchim of the Rebbe to Mumbai, India, lights unto the world, their legacies not soon to be forgotten.

Written by: Dina Rosenthal and Tzipporah Prottas

A golden time reigned in a faraway land,

Two candles burned,

In hard times taking a stand.

Willing to endure all possible hardships that came their way,

Invited all to their home,

Made memorable impressions that would stay.


Effort was seen as a pleasure and a fun thing to do.

Always with a smile

And a loving heart

Others were inspired to be the same too.

“We aren’t looking for an easy way out”

Instead, from their troubles, their spirituality grew.


They took into consideration

Their fellow Jews.

Went the extra mile

Out of love for others

With no further ado.


To bring happiness, care, and love

To those facing hard, difficult times

With help from Above,

They guided others in their climbs.


One fateful day,

Tragedy struck

Fear and terror came into play…


Hashem called their neshamas home

Yet the message they send is clear–

One that empowers, that we hold dear.

You might be far away from comfort,

Challenges may surround,

But never let the power of fear confound.


Like, these two devoted, selfless angels,

You have the strength to be a light in the dark,

The flames of their souls, their legacy.

Igniting others

In places so stark.


And it’s our job to nurture that flame, protect it, and keep it burning.

One day, hopefully very soon, those candles will be returning!