I’ve learned a lot about Sarah.  As I was thinking about her while I was at JGR, (it was so much fun!) I noticed something about Sarah that really inspired me.  Sarah thought before she acted, and even though lots of times it seemed like she already knew what to do, she was actually thinking first.
    For example, when the three angles came to Avraham’s tent, Sarah thought about it and then acted by staying in her tent.  Not doing something can still be doing something good.
    There is very important thing that I like to think about before I act.  Here is a mashal I made up about it: Imagine someone gave you a wonderful present, a present that was perfect. It was just right. What would you do with that present? You would be careful with it. You would keep it safe.
    Hashem gave us a wonderful present, the Earth, which is a wonderful place for us to live. But sometimes people don’t think about this, and they act first. They might drop a plastic water bottle into the grass, or let a plastic bag blow away into a tree. They don’t think about what will happen next. What will happen next is that animals might eat it and get sick, or it might make a wonderful natural place become a dirty place full of garbage.  It’s horrible and it happens all the time.
    But there are ways to help. You can help by:
1.  Using reusable grocery bags instead of plastic ones.
2.  Arrange a time with friends to go to a park and clean it up.
3.  Find out which plastics are recyclable and which aren’t.
    I care a lot about this and I’m proud to carry on Sarah’s legacy in this way.