Written & Presented by Sarah Salles at the Iyar Virtual Celebration on April 26, 2015

Illustrated by Malkah Peiser


Mrs. Laber: Hi Rachel thanks for coming.

Rachel: No problem this is such an honor.

Mrs. Laber: What was your background?

Rachel: I came from a wealthy, rich Jewish family.

Mrs. Laber: So why did you marry Rabbi Akiva?

Rachel: Well one day I saw him and he didn’t know a lot since he was a Shepard and I heard an inner voice tell me he is special and is going to be a good scholar. After that I married him and encouraged him to learn torah and inspired him tremendously.

Mrs. Laber: that’s incredible. How hard was it for you guys?

Rachel: I didn’t live in a wealthy house anymore and my father abandoned us since at the time it wasn’t proper since I married a poor man. We were so poor we had to live in a shack with a little bit of straw. I even had to cut my hair so we could eat. While he was away for the longest 24 years I tried to support him. One time a neighbor taunted me since I supposedly slaved for him but I did it out of love and respect. Another time a man asked for straw and he gave it to him. The man was the famous prophet Elijah testing him.

Mrs. Laber: Why did you receive the crown?

Rachel: Oh the crown, it was lovely. I got it since I kept my faith and for being there for Akiva, actually Rabbi Akivah for all of those years.

Mrs. Laber: what did you learn throughout all this?

Rachel: I learned you can’t let anyone stop you from achieving you or someone else’s dream and if we work together we all can do great things. If you keep faith with Hashem he will look out for you.

Mrs. Laber: Thank you for coming and inspiring us tonight at Jewish Girls Unite!