Thank you to those who responded to my cat question in my last post! Speaking of my last post, no, we don’t have any cavities, and we didn’t go to the Hebrew bookstore yet, but my mother has just contacted the store to see if they have the book. And I’m sorry I keep telling you what happens now, even though it probably hasn’t happened for a week or so since I wrote it.

Anyhoo, I have an idea or two for my lack of ideas. So here they are:

  1. You readers can give me ideas and topics for what to write about! Post them in the comments! Every week I will choose one and address it.
  2. I can write about what has to do with aliyah (moving to Israel) that happens in my daily life.
  3. You can ask questions in the comments and I will do Q&A posts.
  4. A mixture of all of the above.

Vote for what you want in the comments! And feel free to do Option #1 or Option #3 too. I’m curious to see what you will want. Have fun!