Hi, this is a poem about the power of inspiring another. Thanks to my Tante Shternie Lipskier for telling me this story. Enjoy,
— Chaya Mushka Kievman.
(Poem can be sung to the tune of:  Harachaman Hu Yakim Lanu)
The sky seemed forever dark,
The moon seemed to not give a single spark,
As the world was in the throes of the harrowing War,
The wind is bone-chilling,
No one knew if they’ll that night survive,
Yet one man, holding onto that piece of hope, has one idea that might Be’Ezras Hashem keep him alive.
At the stillness of night,
The old man motioned to his friend with plea in his eyes,
The old man begs and sighs,
“Please rub me all night,
So I’ll be warm enough to be alive to see tomorrow’s light.”
The hours passed, the sun rose and shone so bright,
The ‘rubber’ realized happily-
That the old man’s beg and plea-
Had enabled him to see the morning’s light.
In our day, too,
As a frum Jew,
In Golus sometimes it feels ‘cold,’
It feels hard to be inspired and connect,
It is sometimes difficult to do what’s right and correct.
This story does show,
How we can grow,
And feel warm, re-inspired and full of chayus again,
By making another warm, inspired, and closer to Yiddishkeit,
We are making ourselves in that area more inspired and bright,
And through this we’ll end this Golus night.