Dear Readers,

I am sad to say that even after our recent attempt to make YALDAH financially viable, it seems that the Sivan-Tammuz issue (#42) will be our last issue. I’m proud of what we have accomplished over the past nine years, and that we have produced 42 incredible issues.

In fact, in the upcoming Torah portions, we read about the Jewish people’s 42 journeys in the desert. Although their journey was really one forty-year journey from Egypt to Israel, it is recounted as 42 separate journeys because each place they stopped had significance and brought them to a higher level. Each step of the way brought them closer to their destination: Israel. (This is also the theme we’re exploring this year at the Jewish Girls Retreat!)

Publishing YALDAH has certainly been a journey for me. I’ve grown up together with the magazine, from the “Bat Mitzvah girl” I was when I started it, to the mother I am today. There have been lots of bumps on the road, and there have been incredible highs as well. I want to thank you – our readers and fans who have cheered me on along the way, and our dedicated staff members who have made an incredible team.

YALDAH has always strived to be much more than a magazine. We’re trying to create a community. Even without a monthly magazine, the community will continue. Our Editorial Board will still create the same content you see in the magazine, and it will be published continously on our website. In addition to our fantastic bloggers, you’ll get to read articles and stories just like the ones you read in the magazine. You’ll also be able to comment on articles and converse with Jewish girls from all over. We’re planning a website redesign during the summer, and we’d love to hear how you think the website can be improved.

Another plus: Without spending the time producing each issue, we will also be able to focus on publishing more books for Jewish girls in the future.

I’m looking forward to seeing where the next stop on my life journey will be. Please stay in touch, and follow along with me on my “Leah’s Life” blog!

Leah Caras