Do you learn Pirkei Avos? I see that not many of you do. I didn’t, either, till a few months ago.

Let me tell you my story.

I was scanning the bookshelf, looking for a good book to read. I had fiction in mind, but I was desperate, so anything would work. I checked each bookshelf… nothing! Wait… there were some dictionaries left… and my father’s sefarim (books). Sighing, I picked up a rather large, green book. Pirkei Avos. I skimmed the page; it actually looked pretty interesting. The next day, I was armed with a fresh notebook and a pen… and I read my way through the Mishnah, slowly discovering the simplicity of the concepts. I loved it, which is why I want to share the beauty with you.
Though learning Pirkei Avos may seem like a boyish thing to do, but really it’s not. On the contrary, they’re idea that are actually relevant to our daily lives.
I’m thinking of launching a website to share the experience with you, and with Jewish girls everywhere. I’ve got some ideas; maybe people can send in names of people who need a Refuah Shelaimah, and girls everywhere will learn in their Zechus. And how would you like to be paired up with a girl your age, you can learn with her, or just schmooze with her about life. The possibilities are endless.
I’m asking you, my friends, for your opinion and advice. PLEASE comment below if you’d like to to see this soon, and you can give me advice, like what features you’d like to see.
THANK YOU, and your comment will help me very much!