Imagination: What We Don’t Notice

You’re done with your homework
You go to your room
What you don’t notice
Imagination looms

Your clothes flap in the closet
You don’t notice more
Now what is that shadow
Around the corner

Why is the light
Going from bright to dark
The door creaks and squeaks
In your room things lurk

You’re starting to notice
The things that are there
They connect with real life
Things you must beware

Why is the calendar flapping so?
That upcoming date of doom
Can it be connected
With my school project overdue?

The hebrew book in the corner
Starts to look scary
Is it the Ivrit test tomorrow
That’s making you weary?

The clothes on the floor
Start to scare you
Your siblings are cleaning downstairs
Any moment your mother will give you work to do

You know, in order to stop
All this stuff that bothers you must be put away
Divide your hard work
Free up your day

Some stuff we don’t notice
Minor things in life
But some stuff looms above
Like a worry-filled knife

Just make a schedule
A list, a map
A calendar would work
Include some naps

Once you are finished,
Your life will be clear
You no longer will
Have to live in fear