After two weeks in the depths of non-Jewish Ontario, with one un-cordless phone smack in the middle of the kitchen and almost no internet access, where we ran out of bagels and pitas and had to make our own bread, I am back in the city, on my own couch, in my own room. Oh, bliss…
Sorry for that run-on sentence. I love the country, I would just wander there for hours, walking along the lake until my feet got tired and then dragging myself home. It’s my favorite place in the whole world for short, concentrated periods of time, but I guess I’m just a city girl at heart. Or a bedroom girl. The lake’s nice, the trees are nice, it’s all nice… but I need my bed. My bed.
So… now that I’m back in the city, with all the computer access I need, I’m about to start working on the winter issue with Nechama. Is winter supposed to be capitalized? There was kind of a little messup with a picture I needed to send because I am computer illiterate almost incredible and my father and I were almost never in the same place at the same time (my grandparents’ house) so he could send it to Leah… but it all worked out, and I can’t wait for the fall issue. It’s gonna be great.
G’nite all,