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Yes, I really do have a feeling I will never stop seeing purple and green! :D

I’m sure you’re all wondering who’s our lucky winner.  Well, I don’t want to leave you in too much suspense that you’ll get antsy,  but I need to first explain how I did it ;) I made a raffle and had my cousin pick it out. (He has really good luck when it comes to raffles, so the winner was meant to be!) The person on the ticket just happened to be Hadassah Landau! Congrats, Hadassah :)

Although it isn’t the best prize on earth, it’s still cute. Hadassah, I hope you enjoy it :)

Anyways, pictured above are pictures from my sister’s Bas Mitzvah celebration (celebration celebrated when a Jewish girl becomes 12). The beautiful design was done by my aunt, Chumi, from Belle Events, and it turned out being a beautiful event!


FOTW: The color green makes you feel: excited, motivated, anticipation, money, prosperity, hope, growth, luck, employment.