The air of Yerushalayim feels pure and holy, and the wind tickles our backs with anticipation as we take one step closer to the Bais Habechira,
I see the Har Habayis from afar.
We put away our wallets and walking staffs,
I can  see- I can  see the House of Hashem from afar, standing in its full majesty, a feeling of awe in my heart,
We walk closer,
I can see the twelve Kohanim bringing the daily Tamid Shel Shachar,
Hashem’s Presence felt so clearly here,
Seeing the smoke from the mizbeach go Heavenward in a column- such an open miracle in front of our eyes,
I feel so connected here,
“Yevorechecho”, the Kohanims’ Brochos to the Yidden reach a crescendo,
I see the Kohanim, I hear “V’Yishmerecha”, yet I am in a different world,
I can feel Hashem showering infinite brochos onto us, I feel Hashem’s Love,
I see the Levi’im with instruments in their hands, the shir shel Yom they are singing to the Aibishter,
A sight like no other, a glory to behold,
Where we all feel connected, a place close in the hearts of young and old,
Where Hashem’s Shechina is so revealed, the Bais Hamikdash where we all yearn to be,
Oh, how, as a nation, we yearn the Mikdash to see.
Because we were not united, because we didn’t do what’s right,
An incomprehensible darkness on us did fall,
Twice on this day,
Our center of our lives, the Holy Bais Habechira was destroyed,
And to Golus, Hashem sent us all.
A loss like no other, on the saddest day of the year we mourn,
We long and hope for the rebuilt Bais Hamikdash,
By Teshuva, fixing what we’ve done and being united like never before,
We’ll merit the rebuilt Bais Hamikdosh Hashlishi, and then we’ll merit to say-
“I  see- I can  see the House of Hashem”.
May we merit these days to be changed to days of Joy and Geulah forever!!!!
Chaya Mushka Kievman