Dear Readers,

With regret – and a bit of difficulty – I am compelled to acknowledge that I cannot do everything.  Periodically, I must remind myself (and at times must be reminded by others) that I am only human, and need to sometimes let go of things.  With the onset of the New Year – G-d willing, we should all be blessed with a sweet, joyous, healthy, meaningful and fulfilling one – my life and schedule are rapidly changing – some of those changes being very great.  As I try to prioritize my obligations, I see I may need to take a hiatus from my (originally) weekly parsha blog.  You may have observed the frequency of my posts declining to a slow trickle; that trickle will be coming to a halt.  I am surrendering, but only temporarily.  All this change is part of Hashem’s Master Plan.  I am certainly going to miss writing for you and learning together, loyal readers and friends.  I cherish every step of our journey through Torah together, and through the years, as we are “leben mit der tzeit – living with the times,” the Jewish way.  Eem Yirtzeh Hashem, it won’t be very long before we return to dig deep down again, to unearth the wellspring we’ve shared and grown from, together.  I encourage you each in your own unique way to personally take up the spade, and dig for the living waters of Torah just waiting for YOU to be found.

With love and blessings for a Kesiva Vechasima Tovah Lishana Tovah Umesuka!

Tzipporah (a.k.a. “The Messenger Bird”)