Hi all!

First of all, you should know that I am not promising to make this a short post, like I often do, because I know that it never ends up being short!
I named my post its name because I often call my posts “Long time no speak” or something. And that’s always true… but it really is getting boring, if you know what I mean! I can’t have every post I ever posted be called the same thing! And I can’t call it “Hello from Nechama” because that’s kind of reserved for Leah… sigh
Okay, so if you come up with a new expression, please add it to the comments… I appreciate it!
So… what’s happening around here? Loads and loads… Let’s go through it in order, shall we? I always like to be organized…
-SUMMER issue is out and had better be in your mailbox really soon if it’s not yet! It’s such an amazing issue with absolutely fantastic articles. I’m sure and I hope you all will get it with plenty of time to still enjoy it during the summer!
-FALL issue is in full swing, with articles and photos already heading to layout! It’s also shaping up to be a wonderful issue… more updates soon :)
-WINTER issue is already past the planning stages and about to enter creation stages! We’re going to be sending out jobs soon to our stupendous Editorial Board and I’m sure they’ll take the great topics we have lined up and soon have them turned into the exciting magazine we all love! (Keep an eye out… Editorial Board applications will be available in November!)
-CHALLENGE613 has really taken off the ground. More squares are uncovered each day! Click here to share YALDAH with your nearest and dearest :)
-T-SHIRT CONTEST winners were announced and I love the new accessories that are available with the winning entries!
-EDITORIAL BOARD members Sarah Saltzman and Naama Sara Shmagin got to meet each other a couple of weeks ago in L.A. They had a blast but they didn’t take any pictures because it was Shabbos! Sarah also met Miriam Waghalter, the grand prize winner of our How YALDAH Impacted My Life Contest last year, and they also hit it off and had a great time together… on Shabbos!
-SUBSCRIPTION SALE will be over soon… make sure to get your subscriptions on sale… Only $19/1 year or $36/2 years!! Act quickly – it ends on July 18th!
JULY 18TH?! Is that soon? Whoa… where has the summer gone? Hey, it’s July 16th today… (Friday!) That’s funny – I finished school exactly a month ago, on June 16th! School seems like such a distant concept, doesn’t it? Well, make sure to get your rest and relaxation now, because school will be back before you know it :)
Remember that Tisha B’Av is this Monday night-Tuesday. You can find out more information here. I hope that link will be obsolete and we’ll be together in Yerushalayim instead! (Just in case, I guess, I’ll leave it up.)
Well, finally I posted! (I’ve been planning on it for 2 weeks!)
Have an amazing rest of your summer, a beautiful Shabbos, and an inspiring Tisha B’Av,
P.S. ooh and I’m listening to a Shmuz by Rabbi Ben Zion Shafier, My favorite speaker of all time! It’s about the potential of the individual, brought through the story of Rabbi Akiva and his wife Rochel. Fun fact: Did you know that any Tanna (great Rabbi) mentioned in the Gemara was capable of Techiyas Hameisim (making live the dead)? Cool :)