On Friday, before sunset I love to look out the window and wait to watch the beautiful sunset, until it’s time to light Shabbos candles. When I strike the match I love to watch the beautiful flames burst onto the match, then watch the flames calm down.

As I light my candlestick I enjoy watching the wick burn into a gorgeous flame. Then I wave my hands three times over the fire and cover my eyes to say the prayer. When I say the prayer it’s like I’m in a different world: a world of peace, quiet, and calmness.

I have the opportunity to ask G-d, our King, for anything and pray for anyone for as long as I wish to  because G-d is waiting for me to pray and He’s listening to me.

As I uncover my eyes, I love to hug my mother and wish everyone Good Shabbos. Then I just sit on the couch and read a book and watch the gorgeous Shabbos candle flames dance around peacefully until my father comes home from Shul to make Kiddush and we eat the delicious Shabbos meal. I wish Shabbos and its peace could last forever!

Ita Gurevich, Age 12
Bnos Menachem
New York, USA