Hi everyone,

Contrary to what the title of this post suggests, no, I did not cut up The YALDAH Year. Actually, I did my first craft from the book today (hence the different title of this post): Mosaic Placemat! It was really fun, I got to spend hours at my desk just cutting and glueing. My placemat is themed “YALDAH”, unlike the one in the book which is themed flowers. So, here’s my challenge for you! Make anything from The YALDAH Year but themed “YALDAH” and send it to me at emily@yaldahmagazine.com! I’ll post my favorites (which may be all of them) up on this blog. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

My photos…

The placemat...

The placemat... with a bowl and glass

The placemat at our table

This was really fun to do so I’m considering other crafts, now. Will post more soon, G-d willing! As always, if there’s something you want me to make from the book, be sure to comment and let me know! (Thanks to everyone for your suggestions last time, keeping them in mind.)

Talk to you soon,