Friday morning, October 19/Cheshvan 10, the week of Parshat Lech Lecha in which Avraham and Sarah faithfully make their epic journey ‘to the land that G-d will show them,’ transcending many tests and inspiring the masses to Kidushei Hashem (sanctification of G-d’s Name) along the way:  The Teens Talk Torah Online class (spearheaded by the JGU Leadership Institute) studied the weekly Torah portion together, further infused with inspirational stories, reflections and meditations by Mrs. Nechama Laber, who shared a touching original poem on how she, a contemporary Jewish woman, profoundly mirrors Sarah, the very first Jewess and Mother of our People.  Students were then encouraged to add their own line, and build connections: “I am Sarah… I ________.”  We hope you enjoy this excerpt from our class (see end of post for more information on TTTO) , and please share in the comments below how you reflect Sarah Imeinu!  You can even introduce this game to your family at the Shabbos table (men and boys can express how they resemble Avraham)!


Nechama: I am Sarah… I am married to my husband Avraham and he listens to my voice.  I am Sarah… I will take a firm stand when necessary.  I am Sarah… I yearned to be a mother and will do anything for my children.  I am Sarah… I gave birth to my first son also named Yitzchok [Azriel].  I am Sarah… I keep her flames burning every Friday night.  I am Sarah… I love hosting guests and Shabbatons.  I am Sarah… I am an educator and teach women and girls.  I am Sarah… I overcome my challenges with faith in ONE G-d.  I am Sarah… I never give up on my dreams.  I am Sarah… I need my own tent to recharge.  I am Sarah… I bring the flow of abundance to my family.  I am Sarah… I focus on the positive despite the tests in life.  I am Sarah… I wandered from place to place until I discovered our home.  I am Sarah… I thank and praise Hashem and encourage others to do the same.  I am Sarah… My husband respects me and I respect him.

Malkie Peiser: I love it!

Nechama: “I am Sarah…”  Your turn.

Tzipporah: I am Sarah… I try to set my gaze on the bigger picture.

Malkie Peiser: I am Sarah… I love to host and uplift guests.

Raizel: I am Sara… I cook for family and friends.  Challah, too.

Tzipporah: This is so much fun!

Shternie & Esther: Shternie: I am Sara… I like to help around the house.  Esther: I am Sara… I like to organize.

Tzipporah: I am Sarah… I am forging a legacy of light for future generations.


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