As the week goes by,

I sit in the tall glass cupboard untouched;

Then Friday comes around,

And I am clutched.

I feel excited as the warm cloth brushes down my back;

I receive a special treat

The soft polish from the pack.

I am placed on a tray, as silver as can be,

On display

For all to see.

Then I am lit to spread some light,

I am aglow,

That is hard to fight;

As I watch everyone bask in my light,

It is a beautiful scene,

A magnificent sight.

I have watched Shabbos for so many years,

Through times of laughter,

And times of tears.

Even though I will burn out,

I know Shabbos will come again without a doubt.

— Esther Groner, Age 11
Beth Rivkah Ladies College
Melbourne, Australia