G-d always tests us before the Holidays to see our reactions and temperaments….

Like broken ovens, washers and dryers, cleaning ladies who quit…  The list is endless…

While we got power back right after Hurricane Irma, BH, and we were grateful and happy to share it, we must have abused one of our Central AC units on the bedroom side of the house and boom– today it stopped working. It’s getting really hot (about 85 degrees) and I’m debating on possibly sleeping in living room. If people want to get repairs done, EZFix Appliance Repair can be checked out.
Hopefully it can be fixed tomorrow if and when the AC tech gets here….
Maybe we will have to replace the whole unit. YIKES!

While a whole tree, some neighbors’ toys, and some other exciting things flew into our pool, (thanks to Irma), somehow it managed to break the pool pump and motor too. Oh what fun! Hopefully this will be fixed tomorrow as well.

I won’t bother to mention the iron storm shutters which ruined the brand new, less-than-1-month old paint job on the house.
Or the kids’ trampoline which snapped in a few spots….
Or the concrete of our driveway which now (thank you Irma), kind of resembles a rocky terrain in a mountainous area……
Or that in two of the bathrooms in my home, somehow the toilet seats in each broke this week….

All minor First-World problems….

It says that on Rosh Hashana, Hashem decides and decrees what you will make and what you will spend, and how much and what will be the expenses….

Hopefully we will make a lot.
Hopefully we can give a lot.
And hopefully these “problems” will not cost a lot.

My attitude right now.  (Could be the heat getting to me)

We have a house, and a roof, and beds to sleep in, flushable toilets, lights and electric, and clean running water….. food, drinks, a refrigerator, and clean clothes.
Can I ask for more? I beg Hashem to send real relief to those in hurricane-destroyed neighborhoods, who have no homes, or clean water, or the luxury of a flushing toilet and the necessity of a shower…..

I dare not be upset, but grateful, thankful, and satisfied .

This too shall pass.
Just a little rant.


My prep for Yom Kippur is not letting things like this get in my way of accomplishing goals, or my happiness.

May we all be signed and sealed in the Book of life!
Gmar Chatima Tova!