by Tamar Lilienthal, age 9, from FL

YALDAH magazine has truly made an impact in my life. I know that being a good Jewish girl matters. I really like YALDAH because it brings a lot of information for me to know about Yiddishkeit.  YALDAH truly knows the mind of every Jewish girl.  It seems like every question I have is answered in one or another issue of YALDAH! The outstanding creativity shines through  the magazine. The imagination stretches to the moon! Sometimes I really think “When is another YALDAH magazine coming?”. I am always excited for a new issue. The editor, Leah Larson, is amazing!! Who knew YALDAH would come out this good?! YALDAH is what inspires me to be the Jewish girl I am today. As John Greenleaf Whittier said “The windows of my soul I throw, Wide open to the sun”.  My soul is always open for new information from YALDAH. The windows never close. I always remember one thing, that any person can make a difference. Leah Larson has truly made a difference in the lives of many Jewish girls today.