by Jennifer Guttmann, age 12, from NY

Dear Yaldah Staff,
My name is Jennifer Gutmann, I am 11 years old, and I live in Washington Heights, NY. I am in 6th grade, and I go to Yeshiva Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch. I started getting YALDAH in Winter of 2007. I love YALDAH, it’s so interesting, and you’re always adding new exciting features! YALDAH teaches me how to be a better Bas Yisroel. I like getting to know other girls by reading their inspiring articles in every issue. I love reading the “Nachas Zone”. It teaches me how to be a good frum Jew, by seeing what amazing things these girls do. A few weeks ago my teacher read a “Nachas Zone” article to my class. My class thought how amazing these girls were, and it taught us a great lesson. I also love the tremendous amount of Achdus in YALDAH. There are hundreds of girls from all over the world that come together to read YALDAH. Leah Larson has impacted my life tremendously too, by teaching me that if you go after your dreams, you can succeed. Leah started YALDAH at a very young age, and look how much it as grown. I love YALDAH, and I wish Leah Larson and the whole YALDAH Editorial Board much Hatzlacha in the future!
Sincerely, Jennifer Gutmann