by Fanya Donin, age 12, from NY

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve dreamed about starting a clothes line. It would have the hottest trends and funkiest prints, and it would be the talk of the century. When I got my first YALDAH magazine, issue # 12 I was thrilled to find out that there was a young woman named Rachel Lubchansky, the founder and president of I very much admired her styles already in the magazine. I looked on-line, and immediately fell in love with her clothes. I quickly asked my mom for some fabric and a needle and I’ve been making my own designs ever since. This Chanukah I got a designing kit so I could keep making my dream come true and every weekend I’ve been having a blast with it. I was so inspired that Rachel expressed herself with out making her clothes not tznius and keeping them frum. It was also really cool that for one season, she named the styles after Broadway musicals, because a musical is my favorite kind of show. She also named one season after flowers. I hope that when I graduate from elementary and high school, I can continue my education at FIT, the fashion Institute of technology, just the way she did.