by Yehudis Davidson, age 10, from PA

Oh YALDAH! I love it so much
It really has a special touch
From the fabulous contests to the cool arts
I love baking the cookies, cakes, and tarts
When people write in, I see if I know them
I too love writing to YALDAH again and again
It inspires me tons, without a doubt
Now I know what Jewish girls are really about
I always wanted a magazine like this one
So when I heard about it, I was happy–a ton
It really made a big impact on me
Now I really wonder how I’ll turn out to be
It made me more spiritual and more thoughtful about others
Wow! All these different girls are really our brothers (Just kidding! Sisters)!
Thanks, Leah! I have to thank you in every way
I don’t know how to say it all in one day