by Chaya Rappoport, age 10, from NY

It was Friday night,
The candles were bright.
When my life changed,
Surprise arranged.
My Mother offhandedly saying,
That maybe I should just stop playing…
With my writing, the talent G-d gave.
It was time to bring it out of the cave,
Really what did I have to lose?
There was a magazine for Jewish girls.
To let their talents shine, and glow like pearls.
I should really apply,
And I should really try,
To make myself a writer there.
Nervously, I ran my hands through my hair
Stammering…I wasn’t good enough.
With this sort of writing stuff…
Then Sunday, I applied.
My stomach giving me a looping ride.
A few weeks later me and my parents went out.
When I came home, what did my brother shout?
Some Leah Larson called for you,
And said: Now you’re part of Edit Board too!
I blinked, not sure what to say…
This was really my lucky day!
Then I jumped up and down,
And practically announced to the whole town:
I’m a qualified writer, and I’ll work with YALDAH…!
And then my life changed and took a turn for the better,
Which is why I’m writitng you this letter.
I was united with Jewish Girls,
Really pearls…
And I became one of them.