Hi there!
How was your Channukah? Baruch Hashem (thank G-d), mine was great. Busy, but great. My school had a chagigah (party) one day, a “Yom Iyun” (literally day of reflection/studying…) about how doing small things can make a difference, and a breakfast one morning. Not to mention non-stop play practice for our school play (which was tonight. i was a nurse)


Here’s some Channukah pictures:


My family's Channukah cookies: Delicious and cute at the same time!

Here's a picture of one that I made that I thought was funny:(in case the lighting is bad, it says made of clay).

SO….bet ur not thinking about spring yet in this cold weather (that is, if ur somewhere cold :) ). But guess what? I am. So is everyone on the Yaldah staff, like Leah, Tali, Lena and Rebecca, Nechama (yeah, its cold, and b”H–thank G-d–raining, in Israel too), as well as our super EDboard 2011. And so should you. Submit to Yaldah!!!!! We want you to be a part of our Spring Issue! email submit@yaldah.com to submit. I can’t wait to see you in the Spring Issue. You can also send ideas for articles too!

I guess that’s all for now! Have a great Shabbas!