taking inHave you ever not wanted to rid of an outfit that you have completely outgrown, or an outfit your baby sister had? Maybe you have two of the same outfit for your teddy bear.

Do you love dolls? If you do, then this blog post is for you.  While I don’t have a younger sister, and didn’t have any outgrown clothes the other, but I love dolls, and I had two of the same swimsuit for my bear. So I decided to adjust the swimsuit for one of my dolls. After all, most doll swimsuits are bikinis, but no matter what you choose the method is pretty much the same. The larger the outfit, the harder it might be, so you may need to repeat the process a few times or adjust a little bit.

What you will need is a small outfit, pins, thread and doll. Put the outfit onto your doll. It will be big (for some outfits, it may be easier to put the outfit on inside out).  At each seam, pin it so it is as snug as you want it on the doll. Sew up each seam. Cut of excess fabric at each seam. Try it on your doll. (You may need to take up a new hem) . Trim excess thread, take in the seams more if necessary.

Dress your doll with your creation … and enjoy!