What You Need:

2 Yards of 2 colors (4 yards total) (If you are short or very thin, you might be able to use less.)

1 Yard of 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch elastic.

If you are using a sewing machine – 1 spool of thread and 1 bobbin

If you are sewing by hand – 1 sewing machine needle and one spool of thread.

Large tracing paper, Newsprint, paper taped together or solid color of wrapping paper.


The first thing you  need to do is make the pattern.

On a scratch piece of paper, write down the following measurements:

1.) Your waist plus 7 inches, that total divided by 8 (you can round to the nearest 1/2 inch). Example: my waist is 28 inches, 28 plus 7 equals 35. 35 divided by 8 equals 4 3/8. Rounded to the nearest 1/2 inch is 4 1/2

2.) The length from your waist to where you want your skirt to end plus 2 1/2. For me, that is 28 plus 2 1/2 or 30 1/2

3.) Bottom this is the total amount in 1.) plus three inches. For me, that is 71/2

Next draw a line the lenght of the measurement in 1.).  At the midpoint, draw a perpendicular line the length of measurement 2.) Third, draw a line the measurement of number 3.) perpendicular to the length line, so that the midpoint of the bottom line is where the bottom line meets the perpendicular line. Fourth draw a line that connects the ends of the top line to the ends of the bottom line. This will make a long, skinny trapezoid. Last, draw a line that is parallel to the length line within the trapezoid. Draw an arrow at each end of the length line. This is your grain line.


Prewash the fabric on hot, then dry it on the hottest setting. If neccessary press the fabric.

Making the skirt

1.) Fold the first piece of fabric so that the selvages meet (its folded in half lengthwise) Pin the pattern away from the fold, so that the entire pattern fits on the fabric and the grain line is lined up with the graind (You can do this by making sure the entire length of the grain line is the same distance from the fold. Cut out.

2.) Repeat Step 1.) one more time with the first fabric and two more times with the second fabric.

3.) Pin right sides  and raw edges together of one piece of each color pinning from bottom to top on the right hand side.

4.) Sew a 5/8 inch seam. If you are using a raveling fabric, sew a 3/8 inch seam as well or use a serger. If you are hand-sewing, use a back stitch for each seam.

5.) Repeat steps 3 and 4 three more times making sure that the same color fabric is always on top.

6.) Now pin the groups of two panels right sides and raw edges together. Sew with the same seam you did in step 4.

7.) Repeat step 6 so that you have two groups of 4 panels.

8.) Pin and then sew the two sets of 4 panels raw edges and right sides together making a piece with 8 panels.(Use the same seam as step 4)

9.) Pin right sides and raw edges together and sew the final seam.

10.) Now at the top, fold over and iron 1/2 inch around the top. Then fold over another 1 inch and iron that as well. Sew as close to the bottom edge of the casing as possible so that you can thread the elastic. (These should be folded towards the inside of the skirt)

11.) cut the elastic so that you have 1 inch less than your waist measurement. For me, this number is 27 inches.

12.) Thread the elastic through the casing (you can use tape or a safety pin to help).

13.) Sew the opening closed, as close to edge as possible.

14.) At the bottom, fold up 1/2 inch towards the inside and iron it.

15.) Repeat step 14.

16.) Sew hem as close to the top edge of the hem as possible.

Now you are ready to wear it.

Note: You can make this skirt using only one color as well.