You will need:

1 yard each of two different fabrics (one cotton or cotton/poly blend and another heavier fabric.

1 purse zipper about 12″-18″ long or 2 inches smaller than the diameter of the circle.

Sewing machine or sewing needles

Matching thread (and matching bobbin)

Large paper or large tracing paper.


Ruler or compass


How to make: (All seams are 5/8 of an inch)

1.) On a piece of paper draw a circle 1 inch bigger in diameter than you want the purse. You can draw using a big compass or a larger ruler with a pencil at one end and at the length you want the radius of the circle (1/2 the diameter). (Tape works to attach the pencils to the ruler)

2.) Fold the paper in half and then cut the fold (You will only use half of the pattern, but it is easier to make the entire circle than only half)

3.) Fold fabric in half

4.) Pin pattern to the heavier fabric so that where the fold was is near the fold of the fabric.

5.) Cut out the pattern cutting at the fold as well

6.) Repeat steps 4 and five with the cotton

7.) With the remainder of the heavier fabric, follow the instructions for the purse strap cut out and sew.

8.) Pin the two heavier fabric semi circles right sides and raw edges together.

9.) Sew leaving the straight edge open (unsewn)

10.) Pin the zipper to one side of the heavier fabric semicircle and mark where the zipper ends on either side.

11.) Unpin the zipper and turn the heavier semi-circle inside out pin together and sew from the marking towards the end on either side leaving a small space open. Repeat on the other side. (Don’t worry if you sew all the way to the edge)

12.) Turn right side out.

13.) Repeat steps 8-12 on the lighter fabric

14.) Place the lighter semi-circle inside of the heavier one so that he wrong sides are together.

13.) Following the instructions on putting in a zipper, fold over the edge of the two semi circles and pin to zipper so that the outside fabric edge is over the outer side of the zipper and the inside (lighter fabric) is pinned to the inside of the zipper. It’s best to start with the inside fabric.

14.) Pull the small opening of the lighter fabric through that of the lighter fabric on either side (it won’t be perfect and shouldn’t come all of the way up.

15.) Insert the purse strap so that one end is in each opening so the strap is smooth.

16.) Fold over raw edges of purse so that  you don’t see the edge (about 1/4 inch). Pin and sew so that the strap stays in. (Sew several rows so that it is strong. If you sewed to the edge you can attach the strap to the outside. Just make sure to fold in raw edges on the strap so that you don’t see them.)

Fill and enjoy.