A lot of people nowadays may feel empty if they leave their smartphone at home. They may feel as if they need to bring it with them everywhere. As technology progresses, we all may make a habit of using a particular device so much, that if we leave home without it, we can experience a void, empty feeling because we are used to having that device within reach.

    Technology isn’t a bad thing. It was created to be useful, entertaining, and helpful. If you feel that you are grafted to it, you may want to play some real, actual, smart games (think Monopoly, Chess or even just plain catch), help around the house or do something else to keep you mind off of it. Eventually, always having a smartphone around may feel like less of a necessity. If you need help, here are some dos and don’ts:

  • Do: Bring a cell phone when leaving the house

  • Don’t: Always use up time on the cell phone

  • Do: Use a smartphone to text or call when needed

  • Don’t: Let smartphone games control your life

  • Do: Bring your device when needed

  • Don’t: Bring your device everywhere, anytime, all the time!

    It’s okay to occasionally bring a device with you to your destination. It’s okay to use them when to go to your destination. It’s perfectly fine to have fun with games on your device in many places. You can share them with your siblings, play games on them, call or text your friends, etc. But if you start to feel that you need to bring it, that you can’t go anywhere without it, that you absolutely need it, then that can become a problem.

Technology was created to serve mankind and to be helpful, not for mankind to serve it. If you feel that you may need help, here are a few tips:

  • Set aside a specific day of the week when you don’t allow yourself to bring your device with you (a day of the week other than Shabbos!). If you can resist bringing the device for that day for a few weeks, great! If not, try to minimize the goal and increase it week after week, as you get better and better at it.

  • Tell an adult or reliable friend to keep an eye on you, and to keep you from instinctively reaching for the device. Eventually, though, you may want to stop using this technique, because after a while, you should be able to watch yourself, not your friend watching you!

  • If, however, the top three don’t work, and you still feel that your device is grafted to you, you may want to ask an adult to confiscate it from you. That may sound ridiculous- telling someone to confiscate your own privilege! But a tip is a tip, and this one can be very effective.

    These are the tips! I hope they work. It wouldn’t be good if someone felt bad the whole day because they left a device at home.

    Technology gets better and better. It’s hard to deny that. So do the games. And if you like using the device a lot, sure! Smartphones and other devices are great! But when it feels like a necessity, that isn’t good.

Hashem didn’t allow electronics to be created so they could dominate us. Hashem created electronics to help us. You can try to use the tips above. They should be effective. If you want more tips, try asking a parent or friend. Those above are the ones I came up with. Remember everyone, Hashem created technology to serve man, not for man to serve it.