A problem that many students face is…well…the morning. Getting up is a struggle, waking up is a struggle, getting ready is a struggle. We all go through it. But there are some ways to make it better.  

Here are some methods to make your morning just a little bit easier:

  • If possible, turn off the snooze option on your alarm. Place your phone/clock/device on the opposite side of your bedroom so that when it goes off, you’re forced to get up out of bed to disable it.  

~  Do not get back into bed after your alarm goes off!!

  • Splash your face with water or do some stretches to wake yourself up. You might feel tired when you first get out of bed but once you move around, you’ll wake right up!
  • If you can, put on some music while you get ready. If you have sensitive ears in the morning or have siblings who are still asleep, play some softer but upbeat music at a low volume.
  • Lay out your outfit the night before. That way, you can just throw it on and be done quickly without the hassle of rummaging for/choosing an outfit. Check the forecast when choosing an outfit the night before; dress appropriately for the weather!
  • Pack your school bag the night before, too. By doing this, you’ll be sure you have everything you need before you leave the house in the morning

~ But leave out your planner/agenda/assignment pad/bullet journal/etc. to review in the morning to make sure you have all of your assignments and anything you may need.  (If you don’t write down your assignments, start!!!)

  • Eat a healthy breakfast. You’ll need nutrients and brain food to start the day off right.  

~ Some basic brain foods that are good for breakfast include eggs, grapes, blueberries, almonds, oats, apples, etc.  

  • Drink tons of water. Drink some when you wake up, while you’re getting ready, while you’re eating breakfast, and all throughout the day. Staying hydrated is important! Your body needs it to function. It’s also good for the condition of your skin!

If you implement these methods, you’ll find that your morning will become brighter and more enjoyable— and by enjoyable, I mean bearable. Good luck!