Hi again! As you can see, I’ve moved on from the parsha blog for my aliyah adventures!

Here’s how it started: We’ve always wanted to make aliyah, but assumed it wouldn’t be for a while, maybe after I finished high school and my brother finished college. But last Pesach, after our seder, I went with my father to walk our dog (yes, around 2 am; I always jump at the chance to walk outside on Pesach!) and he suggested making aliyah after eighth grade, in two years.

That got me extremely excited and we looked up all kinds of things. We have narrowed down some high schools, I’ve found some interesting aliyah blogs, learned the process, and so many other things, but I’ll put those in future posts.

Yes, I know it’s a bit early to make a blog because I’m only in seventh grade now, but there’s a slight chance we’ll do it this summer. I really, really hope so. But better early than late, right?

I hope my blog will inspire people to think about making aliyah!

Next week: Why should I make aliyah?