When I think of Sarah Imainu, I think of Shabbos candles.  How Sarah Imainu’s lasted from week to week, never burning out.  How Rivkah carried on her legacy, and brought back the light of the Shabbos candles to her tent.  And how we, Jewish women, have an obligation to light the Shabbos candles every week, and make sure that they never burn out – that there is never a time when there are no Jewish women lighting the Shabbos candles.

My mother and I help Jewish women light the Shabbos candles every week.  Some of them have never lit Shabbos candles before – some have never even heard of it – but every week, we all gather together and light the Shabbos candles.  This is how I carry on Sarah’s legacy.  By helping Jewish women light the Shabbos candles, I am keeping Sarah’s candles burning; and I hope that by doing this, I will keep Sarah’s candles burning until Moshiach comes, and we are reunited with Sarah Imainu.


—  Chaya GurevitzYeshiva Schools of Pittsburgh
Morgantown, West Virginia, United States