Hello, everyone; I’m Chaya Gurevitz and today I am interviewing a very brave Jewish woman from the Chanukah story.  Her name is……


Chaya Gurevitz: Hello, Yehudis. How are you today?

Yehudis: I am well, Baruch Hashem, how are you?

CG: I am fine. Yehudis, would you mind telling our readers your story as a prelude to the interview?

Y:  Sure! I lived in Bethulia, in the Land of Israel, when the Greeks started taking over. This was before the Maccabees started doing very much.  The Greeks besieged our town, and the people were beginning to lose hope. One day I had an idea. I went up to the general of our troops and told him about it.  He didn’t really agree to it, but he realized he had no choice.

CG: What was your idea?

Y: I was going to go to the Greek general, and pretend I was on his side.

CG: Wow, that sounds very dangerous!

Y: Yes, and in the end I killed him, and we won that war.

CG: That sounds very scary. Where did you get the strength to be able to go into the enemy camp?

Y: I am not really sure…  I guess I knew that Hashem was always with me and protecting me.

CG: What was the most frightening part?

Y: All of it! I think I was most nervous when I first came to the camp, and also right after I killed the general. Imagine if someone found me right then. I would have been killed and all that preparation would have been wasted.

CG: How did you feel after you had won?

Y: I was very happy that we defeated the Greeks,and that I was able to play a part in our success.

CG: Do you have anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Y: Don’t be afraid to do the right thing to help other people.  Always stand strong and be brave, even if it means doing something you really don’t want to do, if it helps someone else.

CG: Thank you, Yehudis.  Wishing a happy Chanukah to you and all our readers!


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