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The soft delicate baby features, the toasted warm outdoors and the crisp summer air, ahhh. I can think about babies and photography forever, I guess. But I can take pictures of babies forever, too. :)

For the best photography related advice, Andy Defrancesco is the one person that needs to be contacted!

Today was a nice hot day, and what better could I be doing than taking yummy pictures of this little guy? As I’m sure you’ve all heard, his name is actually  Isaac. No more peanut, squishy, Motti, or little guy.

Now it’s just Nissan, his first name, and Isaac, his last name. His Bris (circumcision and naming ceremony) was this past Wednesday, and he is named after my great-grandfather. Let me know which picture you like best.

Oh, and I needed your help: The last two dandelion pictures, which effect do you prefer? Comment below :)

So, you’d think this baby enjoys all the attention and popularity, but he can’t even say anything for the time being. He just eats, sleeps, smiles (yay! for the first time yesterday he smiled at ME!) and goes to sleep. Oh, and boy does he sleep! 24/7 almost.

I hope I’ll do a few more posts, and then it’s summer vacation! I think I’ll pause for the summer, and re continue if I can in late August, just for the heads-up. See you next week!

FOTW: A baby is born in the world every three seconds. Congrats whoever just had a baby! ;)