Two shining flames
Tucked away, hidden
Behind the musty walls
I remain
I stand
As the flames      
Flicker and dance
I cradle my child
Gently in her ear
My dear child
When you grow up
Do not forget
To light these very candlesticks
Remember the Shabbos
My little one
You are a

Fourteen years go by…..

A box
Brown, tied with twine
Inside lies a secret
That can only be mine
I open it with trepidation
Inside amidst tattered fabric
To my elation
Two tarnished candlesticks
Memories awash in my mind
Flames flickering
Somewhere dark and damp
Mama hugging me
Do not forget…
Do not forget…
And then
I steadily make my way
Out of the airless attic
I grab a cloth
Shining the candlesticks
Hoping to reveal
More memories

Ten years go by…..

The sun is setting
In the ruby-coloured sky
I strike the match
Once, twice
A spark bursts forth
I circle my hands not once but thrice
Covering my eyes
Whispering a tefilla to Hashem
The flames flicker and dance
As I stand
Arms around
My children
I smile
Thinking of my family
Mama would be proud

— Rivkale Pink, Age 13
Lubavitch Senior Girls School
Solihull, West Midlands, England