Hi everyone! I’m Lena. Which you could probably tell from the blog title. ;)

This summer when I saw that YALDAH had an opening for the position of Executive Editor, I knew it was something I wanted to do. I’ve been reading YALDAH for about three years now and enjoying every issue – from the interesting articles to the fun tidbits to the truly inspiring fact that this whole magazine is created by Jewish girls, for Jewish girls. I love working on magazines – in addition to working on YALDAH, I do the layout for my synagogue’s newsletter each month – and I love how YALDAH gives Jewish girls a place to express their creativity and their dreams. For more about me, you can go to the staff profiles under ‘About Us’ at http://jewishgirlsunite.com/magazine.

So, with that, here’s a bit of what’s going on behind-the-scenes at YALDAH…

Fall Issue – should be in your mailbox any day!!! I can’t wait to get my issue. :)
Winter Issue – I just finished the editing on this issue a week or so ago, which means that the layout process should be going on now. I’m really excited about this issue – there’s so much great content, from an article about redesigning your bedroom to a Generations story (look in your Fall issue for the beginning of this new feature!) and so much more that if I tried to fit it all into this blog post it would be a looooong post. So believe me, it’s there. ;)
Spring Issue – Our awesome Editorial Board is working on their jobs for this issue now! I look forward to seeing them.
Summer Issue – Towards the end of September the staff had a meeting to brainstorm for this and the Spring issue. It was a great meeting and I think it will be a great issue… although winter is coming so quickly that it’s a bit hard to fathom summer things right now, LOL.

And of course, as Leah mentioned, we’re now accepting applications for the new Editorial Board, open to Jewish girls ages 8-15 who subscribe to YALDAH. The Editorial Board comes up with the great content you see in every issue, plus it’s an awesome opportunity to meet Jewish girls around the world and see what goes on behind-the-scenes at YALDAH.

Well, that’s it for now!