Hey people!
I’m not quite clear on who’s reading this blog, but yeah, hello, hello, whoever you are!
For all of you who don’t know me yet- I’m Penina Harrison, I live in Montreal, I’m fifteen and I’m training to be Editorial Director of Yaldah- basically, deciding which stuff or what kind of stuff goes in, looking at where it will go, and basically making sure things are going ok. I’ve started working with Leah and Nechama a little, and it’s a lot of fun. Little secret though, I’m kinda nervous…
But it’ll be fun.
By now everyone knows that the Shabbaton is happening, right? I’m going! So, so excited. I can’t wait to meet everyone- well, whoever’s going. Whoever isn’t- next time, maybe?
I’m gonna go now. Anyone who wants to email me, it’s penina@yaldahmagazine.com
Good Shabbos everyone,